Couples' finances. Simplified.

A happier, healthier way to manage money with your partner.

Welcome to Honeyfi, the first financial management app designed for couples from the ground up. Oh btw. It’s free.


Link your bank accounts/credit cards and automatically see your transactions organized and categorized. Then, choose how much to share with your partner.

share with your partner


We automatically suggest a budget based on your previous spending. Track your progress and transactions. Add comments and reactions to stay in sync.

share with your partner


We provide financial reminders, alerts, and summaries to help you check in, plan, and encourage each other.

share with your partner

Serious Security

Honeyfi uses bank-level security to ensure that your sensitive personal information is secure and encrypted. We never store your banking credentials, and we work hard to keep our servers secure.

With Honeyfi, you’re smarter, happier, and freer.


By working as a team with your partner, you make smarter, more informed financial decisions.



By talking about money more and aligning your goals, you’re happier in your relationship.



By letting us crunch the numbers and pull your household finances into one place, you’re freer to do your thang.

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